Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Set "Password Never Expires" for Microsoft BPOS Standard Accounts

Cries of joy are ringing throughout the Microsoft BPOS Partner community--the ability to set "Password Never Expires" for BPOS Standard Accounts has *finally* been released. Previously available only for BPOS-D customers, Microsoft has ported the command to the newest update of the Microsft Online Services Migration Tools (available for x86 here and x64 here).

So, once you've downloaded and installed the updated tools, how do you avail yourself of this helpful feature?

Set "Password Never Expires" for All Enabled Users
1. Open Migration Command Shell.
2. Copy/paste the following commands:

$cred = Get-Credential
Get-MSOnlineUser -enabled -Credential $cred | Set-MSOnlineUserPasswordNeverExpire -Credential $cred -PasswordNeverExpire $true

Drop in your BPOS administrative credentials (in the form of and password) in the pop-up dialog box when prompted.