Saturday, October 18, 2008

Seriously, Guys

According to the "World's Smallest Political Quiz," I'm a Libertarian. I like to think of myself as a center-leaning Republican. My personal views are more socially moderate-to-liberal, with a more conservative stance on economic and fiscal issues. Which, I guess, is why I end up as Libertarian according to WSPQ.

I think government should stay out of my personal life and not waste my money. Whatever that makes me, that's it.

I've voted in three elections so far, and I've always voted Republican, because I was pretty sure that that party mostly reflected my personal ideology. So for those of you doing the math, I voted for Dole, W, and W. I used to think that I really believed a lot of those things, but now I'm not exactly sure.

I mean, Republicans have always been "shrink the government, tax cut" kind of people, right? Totally opposite of those "tax and spend" liberals, right? Christian conservatives, aka, "the moral majority" align themselves with the Republican party because of the litmus test issue of abortion?

At first I thought Palin was a good political strategy move for McCain. Fresh? Check. Young? Check. Kinda hot? Check. Washington outsider? Hold on.

So I stumbled across this article, "Palin demands $15m to search her own emails," on a tech blog, The article describes the political runaround that Palin is giving people who want to search her supposedly public emails. Alaska, like many states, stipulates that emails be public records. So, while Palin isn't saying that journalists and the like *can't* get her email, her accountants have said that it will cost approximately $960 per state employee to turn all email over. The real kicker? Nothing will be available until November 17--two weeks after the election.

Maverick, indeed.

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