Monday, December 15, 2008

A New Beer

For the ritual beer tasting Thursday this past week, I purchased a six-pack of Budweiser American Ale. After a refund program left me with 108 bottles of various Budweiser beers, I was pretty sure I'd never touch another Budweiser product for the rest of my life. Granted, Budweiser Select isn't too bad, but it's not usually in my top five choices when drinking out.

My opinion of Budweiser has changed after tasing Budweiser American Ale. I'll admit it--maybe I was marketed upon. The label is very rugged-looking, definitely a throw-back to more classic styling. It immediately resurrected feelings of nostalgia, and for some reason, with a bald eagle on the label, I felt almost patriotic purchasing it.

But, what's inside is even more important. It's very rich tasting, definitely a full-bodied flavor. Just hoppy enough, not a bitter aftertaste. It's like a microbrew. It smells like beer should, and dammit, I think it tastes like beer should.

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