Wednesday, November 5, 2008

America Made The Right Choice

I just finished listening to Obama's acceptance speech. It was absolutely incredible. I'm sitting here in my cubicle tonight working on projects and have a CNN window up watching the election coverage.

As my wife will attest, I don't get emotional or riled up about much. While she says my even keel is something she loves, it also is something she hates because I don't get very emotional. Tonight, watching him and listening to him speak, I felt something different.

Like America has a chance.

I'm proud of my vote. Proud that as one out of 135 million registered voters, I made the choice to change the course of history.


  1. It was a very interesting election for sure.

    Both speeches last night were amazing. I really appreciated McCain's attitude even if the people in the crowd were idiots. And Obama's speech in Chicago was pretty awesome. It was neat to watch history being made.

    I wrote some of my thoughts about the speech and campaign on my blog this morning.

  2. Indeed. I just updated my today post with some additional ramblings.

    Look forward to seeing you guys in a few weeks.

  3. I'm proud of my vote, too, even if my husband's was different :)!

  4. You have picked the right guy at last. Good on you!